What Role Do Pictures Have With Internet Providers?

A good image can change everything. Trust me. I’m a wedding photographer and I specialize in Maui Wedding Photography in Hawaii. In addition to doing weddings, I also do commercial work for internet service providers and have a lot to say on the subject. Here’s my guide to finding good images for internet service providers.

1: Only Use High-Quality Images

Low-quality images are the devil. Well, not really but they’re really, really bad for business. Especially ISPs. You want people to think you’re professional right? In order to do that you need to use high quality images.

2: Convey Trust

Your images convey your brand. as a telecom company, many businesses choose to look overly corporate and use lame, overused images. Don’t do that.Today’s consumers want to do business with people they can relate to. People they can trust. So as a rule of thumb, only use images that convey relationships and trust.

3: Make Them Small

Nothing is more annoying than waiting for an image to load because your internet connection is lagging or running slow. In order to avoid that, use images that have been condensed or made smaller. This will help the image load quicker and could mean the difference for your reputation.